Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My Office of Inspiration Has No Walls

When I was young one of my favourite television shows was The Ray Bradbury Theatre. I particularly enjoyed the way the show began with Bradbury walking through his office looking at all trinkets and treasures lining his walls and shelves, talking about how everything he needs for inspiration is right there in front of him.

I don't have a spectacular office like Bradbury does, but I do have inspiration all around me. It's right out my front door. It's at my fingertips when I'm surfing the Internet. It's in storefronts and on street corners when I take a wrong turn on my way to a soirée in the city*. It's in the conversations going on around me when I'm sitting in a café talking with friends.

I am inspired by writers and painters and poets and musicians and actors and all the people who believe the world can be better. Ultimately, I am inspired by the creativity in all of us...and the creativity that exists in the natural world (Mother Nature may just be the greatest artist of them all!).

This blog is my place to share with you some of the people, places and things that inspire me...that get my imagination running and help me with my words. And it is through this blog I hope you can find a little inspiration for whatever it is you are doing.

*I have only ever attended one soirée and it was quite a stuffy affair. I was served crackers with watercress and brie as a man wearing a monocle droned on about the type of stocks I should invest in. It was not the soiree that inspired me, but the trip to it.

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  1. Chris , I hope you find inspiration in all nooks and crannies , and I have no doubt you will.
    Big Congrats to you for this !

    ....every meatball needs it`s spaghetti :)